Clinical Data Management Exchange System

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Advantages of CDME in general

 Stores entire data
 Easily accessible and retrievable
 Digitalized data – asset for both research and regular clinical practice.

Advantages of CDME @ CRICR- Yos version.

 Committed service
 Cost effective
 End-to-end solutions

Clinical Data Management Exchange System (CDME) for Rheumatology is a patient data management system for routine patient care with an inbuilt application for research purpose. It is an electronic case record system, which is web based data and hence accessible from anywhere, with a computer/laptop and internet access. With over 11 years of experience in patient care and a strong association with software experts in clinical case data management, ChanRe Rheumatology & Immunology Center & Research has developed rheumatology and clinical immunology focused data capturing system. It has the unique advantage of a platform which has easy data entry and display for clinical management. It can store patient clinical data including X-rays and patients clinical photo in an integrated manner. The data would be stored in designated servers with individualized login access. Each unit is independent and has privacy and can be shared only within the concerned organization. It has three types of users including doctors, administrator and medical transcriptionist. The doctor can enter patient details and the follow-up prescription in the CDME him/herself or can be done through medical transcriptionist from the written document or from voice recorder at a later stage. The entire editing is traceable and recorded as required by international standard of medical record maintenance. It has been built to extract the clinical data in an integrated manner from all the available case records and the data can be shared among other subscriber/s in event of collaborative research. The sharing restricts automatically to data other than data which uniquely identify patients.